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TheCodeStep was born on the principle of process.... We needed a process that worked for us, and our customers.

As well as a process, we needed to ensure our customers are never locked in. So everything we provide built on our platform is pure editable C#.Net code.

This simple design gives our customers a stable solution they can port anywhere, and gives us the open-scaling we need when systems get large and more suppliers work together.

C#.Net Development libraries

Tried and tested toolkits, plugins and frameworks

From the very start we have been creating a library of reusable, generic components that all our clients need - so when they ask, we don't have to scratch around finding them!

Built on Microsoft SQL and C#.Net, our libraries consist of a wide range of functions, focused on web and database systems. Over the years we have expanded and tuned these libraries to a point where we have a ready-to-run solution to fask track new system builds.

Our shared frameworks

By managing and providing a shared framework to our clients, we are able to future proof systems and manage upgrades and migrations in ways that keep your systems fresh, and always up to date - often at little cost!

Whether we built it in 2007 or in 2018 - all our systems are updateable, ensuring your apps can benefit from the latest and greatest in technology, often with a simple automated process!

Dynamic development

CodeStep's application builders

With a vast toolset allowing us to generate bepoke web applications from nothing more than a database, we can rapidly deploy a framework and skeleton system - ready to be tailored and extended as each client requires. For some, this can be enough to get started with an online data management suite.

Your bespoke build

Whether our frameworks are appropriate or something special is required, we will deliver what your system needs.
Many of our solutions need frameworks - but for most, and maybe yours - we'll add that special touch to make it unique.

Our code, Your version

As much as is humanly possible, we will write all the code ourselves. Whilst it is inevitable that we rely on some 3rd party components, we try to use in-house code wherever we can - it makes support much simpler, and ensures we can change it to do exactly what our customers need.

We are happy to hand code anything you wish within our skillset and if appropriate, we will bring in the best person we can for the job to give you the custom code you need.

Simple - CodeStep's 'DSX' API

We have packaged our libraries and processes into a collection of modular API's - ready to deploy into any C#.NET solution.

With just a file copy, we will deploy over 10 years worth of tuned, and heavily tested code straight into your solution, giving us a rapid set of building blocks to craft custom systems.

Scalable - WebDesk Modular Platform

Our ready to deploy, "WebDesk Basics" kit will give you a ready to use CMS driven site, with the full underpinings of DSX API and our unique WebDesk Interface.

Out of the box will be a public website with default templates, Business Admin tools, CMS tools and asset repository. Undeneath, a comprehensive security system, programming API and development framework.

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Our platform is designed to be modular; a simple CMS for your public site, or a tailored multi-lingual Business Management suite and Data Management API - we'll deliver a consistent and compatible solution, always ready to grow.

We can have your new system up and running in moments, ready to customize and build your dedicated solution on.

WebDesk 2018
WebDesk 2018
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With our in-house Application Generators and intelligent toolkits, we can map out your entire business data and provide ready-to-run, automatically generated applications - safe in the knowledge that the code was tested before you even asked for it!

Combined with our framework model, we can develop and customise entire bespoke modules and toolkits into your new Business Management Suite.

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WebDesk 2018

Always Updated

By providing modular frameworks, we can regularly deploy the latest code to all our active customers.

We don't just sell them either - We use these frameworks and platforms ourselves to run our management suite and toolkits, so they are always kept fresh.

Graph showing platform expansion leading to more users

This graph visualizes our increased investment in our business platform, led to an increase in the services we could offer, and the number of users we could serve.

Since 2012, we have released over 140 feature updates for DSX and WebDesk based systems, provided and installed free of charge to our active customers.

These could be your platforms, and your users!

Seasonal Upgrades for WebDesk Subscribers

As a Christmas treat to our WebDesk customers, we upgraded 187 customer applications to work on multiple mobile devices, boosting the performance of most - Free of Charge!

Using our in house development tools, we re-created our customers' applications in less than 2 hours - with all the apps now working with the latest code and features - even apps that were over 9 years old!

The beauty was - all the business logic was already proven, and the code was effectively already tested!

Legacy Systems? - Not with DSX

Dare to touch that legacy system?

Legacy systems get that way because businesses are too busy or concerned about the cost of modernizing complex systems - which is why we made sure ours followed a structured and simple design model, so future upgrades wouldn't be that way.

Our pure C#.Net platform is designed to integrate with old and new, and importantly, update old TO new!
When we built your system - perhaps years ago - we ensured that when you're ready to update or want to add more features, we're ready.

Future proofing your systems mean your Investments are no longer lost.

Any of our legacy desktop apps built with DSX 2, 3, 4 or 5 can be updated in minutes - to work on mobiles and tablets, benefit from the latest coding techniques and technologies, or utilize the latest components - all whist ensuring your application is still pure .NET code and portable at any time.

All the hard work developing your unique business processes and features is no longer lost - our process updates around yours - so your investments last throughout generations.

It's surprising what our framework can do.

We even have support for intergrating with Classic ASP systems or 3rd party solutions if you want to modernise those too!

Our platforms and libraries have been used by many businesses.....
Just some of the companies that have used our software